Youtube Music and Youtube Premium launched in India

Youtube Music - Logo

In a totally unexpected move, Google launched YouTube Music and the premium version of YouTube in India. This happened exactly 2 weeks after Spotify’s launch in India.

YouTube Music service just like other music streaming services comes with a free ad supported component which allows you to listen to any song for free. The free version won’t allow you to listen to the song in the background on your phone and for which you have to get the premium service which costs Rs 99/month after a 90 day free trial. Google Play Music subscribers get YouTube Music Premium service at no extra cost.

Google also launched YouTube Premium service which will allow you to watch videos on YouTube without any ad. It also comes bundled with YouTube music premium and Google Play music for no extra charge. Also, you will get access to YouTube Originals series and movies. (Check out the show, Wayne) YouTube Premium costs Rs 129/month after a 90 day trial.

Both the services support Family plans for up to 6 members. While YouTube Music costs Rs 149/month for a family plan, YouTube premium, however, costs Rs 189/month. Both family plans come with a 30 day trial.

YouTube Music app can be found on both Android and iOS stores. The service can also be accessed via the web at

Youtube Music and Youtube Premium - comparison


There is a dandy feature on YouTube Music – offline mixtape. This option will automatically download songs based on your listening history to your mobile device for offline listening.

All this is nice but I always wonder, why does Google have 2 music streaming services? If anyone knows, please let me know.