You still use Feedburner?

Some 5-6 years back feeds were the ‘in’ thing in Blogging. Feed readers were in abundance. And Statistics were of prime importance. Every one was in the race to get more feed subscribers. But things have changed now. Feed readers still exist but we don’t use them much. I don’t remember when I last logged in to my Google Reader account. I am not saying they are dead but I don’t see many people using them. We have moved to Twitter and Facebook. So I was wondering if Feedburner is still important? Do you still use Feedburner service to serve your feeds, gather statistics and most importantly send email updates?

Let’s check where Feedburner stands today. They haven’t released a new feature in the last 2 years. The experimental dashboard which was launched also has been taken down again. Google will shut down Feedburner API by October 20, 2012 which means third party apps won’t be able to access Feedburner statistics. Feedburner forums (now Google Group) is nearly dead because of lack of replies from Google’s team. I don’t see any question being answered or issue being resolved there. And not to forget the problems with their reporting. Going at this rate I won’t trust them to keep the service alive for long. When Google bought Feedburner I was so optimistic that they will improve it and add some long needed features but seems Google is no longer interested in it.

If you are a webmaster who is looking to buy/sell sites, feed stats may be important to you. But for me, I no longer consider them as important. As long as I am getting some good traffic and people spend some time on my site and give feedback, I am more than happy. Its not like I have abandoned it completely. As of now I have just hidden my feedburner link and don’t put it anywhere. On my personal blog, I do offer email subscriptions through it but I guess I might start using a plugin for that or use some other service because their email service is also buggy. At times I receive mails from blog with links to their posts which are almost 2 years old.

So are you still using feedburner? Do you still think its important? And if not then what alternatives you chose? As of now I am sticking to my default wordpress feed which I can always enhance using plugins.


  1. Thanks for the facts on Feedburner. I stopped looking two years when Twitter took off in South Africa. Help me understand whether WordPress will be able to access Feedburner API after October 20, 2012?

  2. I’ve gave up promoting feedburner feed on my site even though I still use it as I find it doesn’t send out my post via the feed regularly( not all posts are highlighted). I’m still looking for a suitable alternative but meanwhile am focusing on building up other stats like FB/Twitter instead.

    1. Yes, faced quite a few problems with its broadcasting as well. There are times when it suddenly emails you posts which were made more than a year back. As an alternative, I would suggest you to try Feedblitz. Its Mail service is paid though but is reliable nonetheless.

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