WordPress’s New Default Theme is Out – 2010

Finally WordPress SVN has included the new default theme which we will get in 3.0. Its called TwentyTen (2010). It’s based on the Kirby Theme by Ian Stewart released earlier this year as a proposal for a Default WordPress Theme. Eventually, WordPress seems to have picked it up for its new default theme. There are lots of new features currently available in the default theme which include:

  • Drop Down Page Menus
  • 6 Widget Areas including 2 in Sidebar and 4 footer widgets
  • Asides and Gallery Posts Styling
  • Archives, Category and Search Pages show now only excerpts instead of full posts improving the SEO (though Search’s broken as of now)
  • HTML 5 Validation
  • Author Template plus Author Styling beneath each post
  • Sticky Posts Styling
  • Much Improved and descriptive Page Titles for various Pages
  • Improved Read More Text
  • Control Excerpt’s Length via Functions.php
  • Next and Previous Image Links when a gallery image is posted

To check the theme in action, head to 2010dev.wordpress.com

And to install and test the theme yourself, get WordPress through SVN.

Here are some screenshots of the New Theme: