WordPress World Map – Add yourself

Oliver Schlöbe of WPSeek has created a WordPress World Map where different bloggers, companies related to wordpress, core developers and developers of themes and plugins and even wordpress fans can register themselves and place themselves on a map dedicated to WordPress.

Here is a screenshot of user density from WP World Map:

WP World Map Density

This map has lots of features including:

1. Ability to have your individual profile containing your name, email id, twitter handle, wp.org profile, wp.com profile, company name and your location ofcourse.
2. Ability to follow other wp people by signing using Twitter
3. Check out people interested in wordpress near you
4. Each User gets a unique profile link at WP World Map and you can edit your information anytime.
5. Find Wordcamp locations around the world

So I would suggest every person interested in WordPress to signup on WP World Map.