WordPress 3.1 Roadmap Out

WordPress Devs recently had a meeting about the future and plans for the upcoming WordPress 3.1. Goals for WordPress 3.1 include: “to have a very short dev cycle, a decent amount of testing time, and a release in mid-December. Low on new features, heavy on ui and code cleanup, and avoidance of schema changes. Save the big ideas for 3.2 where we’ll have the liberty to implement those ideas in PHP5. No schema changes and no big new APIs.”

So what new features to expect in WordPress 3.1?

  • Advanced Taxonomy Queries
  • Internal Linking – Linking to another post/page/category from the WYSWIG without having to grab the URL from the public site. This is one hell of a feature and would save lot of time.
  • Ajaxified Admin Screen – Somehow I don’t think its required. Would add to the bloat if you ask me. Well will have to see how it gets implemented.
  • WordPress.com Style Admin Bar – Another awesome thing coming. Would save lots of time again to reach a particular admin page especially from the frontend.
  • Separate Network Dashboard – I think this is totally justifiable. Having settings for both under common dashboard can make things a bit confusing.
  • New UI For Browsing/Installing Themes
  • Post Templates/Post Styles – Another must have considering how fast WordPress is becoming more of CMS oriented rather than being a blog only software.
  • QuickPress Template Tag – Would allow posting from the frontend. Awesome. 😀

Apart from these new features there would be lots of bug fixes as usual, some bug fixes in Custom Post Types implementation, UX/UI cleanups and possibly few cleanups in Role/Capabilities.

A schedule to WordPress 3.1 has also been released according to which WordPress 3.1 final should be out by December 15 max and expect beta to start from November 15. Feature Freeze will be implemented by October 15.

A Special Note: WordPress 3.1 would be the last version to support PHP 4. WordPress 3.2 would support PHP 5.2 and above only. Be ready for the switch. You can use Health Check Plugin on your blogs to test whether your blog is 3.2 ready or not.

So What do you think about the new features for WordPress 3.1? Which ones excite you the most?