Wordpress 3.0.1 Out Now

WordPress finally released 3.0.1 version with 55 bug fixes. These include few export related errors and a bug related to incompatibility with PHP 5.0.5 version.

A new Function was also added with this release. The function is “unregister_nav_menu()” and has been added so that child themes can unregister the existing navigation menu and add their own menus. One more change you will find that Twenty Ten theme has been updated to 1.0.1 version with this new release. Find more on what has changed in it from WeblogToolsCollection.

Download your copy of 3.0.1 or hit the upgrade button from the dashboard.


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  2. I am also using wordpress version 2.9.. now i want use to 3.0.1.. Thanks for share..

  3. i’m feel better with WP 2.9, the new version 3.0 make me confused until now i don’t know how to use “menu” tools. Thanks for the info

  4. yach, I’m still using wordpress version 2.9.
    I am still reluctant to update to 3:01

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