Wordpress 2.8 Tips and Tricks

Well it seems WordPress 2.8 is coming out with a lot new features which cannot be explained in 1 lines or a codex page. Many bloggers have started posting new feature details and tips and tricks which would make blogging easier with the upcoming WordPress 2.8. So here I am making is a detail WordPress 2.8 Tricks and Tips Page where I will list some cool tips and tricks which others have posted about. The following list will also contains reviews of WordPress 2.8 from different perspectives.

  1. Create Custom Taxonomies in WordPress 2.8 with minimal code
  2. Tag Descriptions in WordPress 2.8
  3. Build a WordPress 2.8 Compatible Widget
  4. WordPress 2.8 Body Class
  5. Bye Bye My-hacks.php
  6. Change Admin Pagination on Posts, Pages and Comments
  7. WordPress 2.8 Feature Password
  8. 2.8 Small Insights
  9. Jcrop in 2.8
  10. WordPress Plugin Path
  11. WordPress Proxy Support
  12. Drag and Drop Widgets
  13. Exciting WordPress 2.8
  14. Using Body Class to Detect Internet Browsers

This post will keep getting updated as more and more posts keep coming with new things about upcoming WordPress version.


  1. Thanks for great tips.

  2. This isn’t even 72 hours and there are cool tutorials about new featured already. Net moves fast.

    What I would love to see is an upgrade that doesn’t break themes :))

    1. Well if your theme is working on WordPress 2.6,2.7 then it will work wonderfully on 2.8 also though it may need code changes to implement new features in 2.8 like Body Class.

  3. I see. so these are the great things inside WordPress 2.8.

    thanks for the efforts you have made to point out contained in the new WP. ok then, i am gonna see the related sections.

  4. thanks for tips wordpress 2.8.

  5. have ebook for this post? i’m very interested

    1. You will have to visit the posts mentioned individually and check the articles. Sorry, I don’t have any such PDF or Ebook format for this.

  6. Does anyone know the date when 2.8 will be available?

    1. Well it should be out soon but sorry no exact dates available. Well the beta version I am trying out is pretty stable as of now.

    2. WordPress 2.8 will tentatively be released on June 10th.

      1. wew..2 days from now..
        does anyone know it is beta version or final version already?


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