Wordpress 2.7.1 RC1 Out

Well no official confirmation is out but this Changeset done by Ryan just 25 minutes ago confirms it. Download it from here. To Automatically upgrade from 2.7 Control Panel, just open the file wp-includes/version.php and change line number 11 from

[php firstline=”11″ toolbar=”false”]$wp_version = ‘2.7’;[/php]


[php firstline=”11″ toolbar=”false”]$wp_version = ‘2.7.1-beta’;[/php]

And now autoupgrade.

This version fixes some long time bugs such as timezone updates for revisions and saved drafts and index.php problem if incountered in a plugin directory.


  1. Hi, for the first – thanks for the news, fresh WordPress 2.7 It`s an idea).

    But I`m sitting on 2.6 just now, coz new design of 2.7 administrator panel is boring for my oppinion… :-\\\

    See you)

  2. I have had very little problems with wordpress 2.7.

    May wait a while before upgrading to 2.7.1

    Thanks for the update though.

  3. I’ve attempted the upgrade to fix a plugin issue i was experiencing, unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work… I’ll keep trying, but am looking into alternatives.

  4. Hi Navjot,

    I still using wp below the 2.6, nt even dare to switch to 2.6 even less 2.7. I know, maybe you can call me chicken but I call myself Cautious, lol.

    If anything happens, there is too much to lose and I dont know if there is something to win.

  5. Is this upgrade necessary?

    1. Not at all. Its just for information. Though I have done the upgrade without any noticable problem.

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