WordPress 2.7 Released

So finally WordPress 2.7 gets released. Delayed only by a day as it was expected to come out on December 10. When WordPress 2.7 RC2 was announced yesterday, speculations began that 2.7 final release maybe pushed further but final build just one day after 2.7 RC2 was unprecedented. Titled as Coltrane, there are lot of new things in WordPress 2.7 which you will experience.

For those who want it as a simple upgrade, just use WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. This plugin will upgrade your install to 2.7 without any hassles. It worked for me too.

There were two glitches I faced. So here are my advice regarding to it.

  1. If you are using Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu Plugin, disable it prior to upgrading your blog. It won’t work and is not needed in your WordPress 2.7 install.
  2. If you are using Simple Tags plugin then open the file simple-tags.php and find the line:
    [php light=”true”]if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.5’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.6’) !== false ) {[/php]
    and replace it with
    [php light=”true”]if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.5’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.6’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false ) {[/php]

So these were the two glitches you will face before upgrading your WordPress 2.7. And do make a database backup before upgrading. And final thing. After upgrading to WordPress 2.7, pls disable the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin since WordPress 2.7 has already that feature built in.

I am yet to incorporate WordPress 2.7 specific theme features here at my blog. It will be a long task since making changes in already a tweaked theme can be a pain. And do read my WordPress 2.7 Checklist before upgrading. It might help you too.

Update: Some developers are so fast. Coincidentally, both the developers of Simple Tags and Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu have upgraded their plugins. Download from their urls mentioned above to get 2.7 compatible version. This clears even the two glitches I mentioned. Happy WordPress 2.7 to you! 😀