Wordpress 2.7 Released

So finally WordPress 2.7 gets released. Delayed only by a day as it was expected to come out on December 10. When WordPress 2.7 RC2 was announced yesterday, speculations began that 2.7 final release maybe pushed further but final build just one day after 2.7 RC2 was unprecedented. Titled as Coltrane, there are lot of new things in WordPress 2.7 which you will experience.

For those who want it as a simple upgrade, just use WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. This plugin will upgrade your install to 2.7 without any hassles. It worked for me too.

There were two glitches I faced. So here are my advice regarding to it.

  1. If you are using Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu Plugin, disable it prior to upgrading your blog. It won’t work and is not needed in your WordPress 2.7 install.
  2. If you are using Simple Tags plugin then open the file simple-tags.php and find the line:
    [php light=”true”]if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.5’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.6’) !== false ) {[/php]
    and replace it with
    [php light=”true”]if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.5’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.6’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false ) {[/php]

So these were the two glitches you will face before upgrading your WordPress 2.7. And do make a database backup before upgrading. And final thing. After upgrading to WordPress 2.7, pls disable the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin since WordPress 2.7 has already that feature built in.

I am yet to incorporate WordPress 2.7 specific theme features here at my blog. It will be a long task since making changes in already a tweaked theme can be a pain. And do read my WordPress 2.7 Checklist before upgrading. It might help you too.

Update: Some developers are so fast. Coincidentally, both the developers of Simple Tags and Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu have upgraded their plugins. Download from their urls mentioned above to get 2.7 compatible version. This clears even the two glitches I mentioned. Happy WordPress 2.7 to you! 😀


  1. hehe 2.8 already, how long before a further update do u think?

  2. WordPress 2.8 is already on the way. These guys are releasing too much updates. 🙁 But for sure they care for our security 🙂

  3. I manually upgrade my blog it’s quite easy as long you follow upgrade steps from WP. Backup first in case bad thing happen 🙂

    1. Even I prefer manual upgrade but now WP 2.7 should be the last version for this because now we can autoupate wp from dashboard itself. 🙂

  4. Is 2.7 nice? I’ve always disliked upgrading to the new versions and I’m not one for change. I heard it’s a lot different and of course the compatibility issues are a huge pain.

    1. Yeah, WordPress 2.7 is the best ever wordpress version developed. I am sure you will love it. Regarding compatibility issues, there may be some but most of plugins which worked fine in 2.6 are working in 2.7. Theme Changes if working in 2.5 are not compulsory in 2.7. So you can give it a shot.

  5. Dear Friend,

    Let me know the best website for nice WordPress themes for my new coming .com blog.

    Pl. help in this regards.

    1. You can try wordpress.org/extend/themes. Also try themehybrid.com, freewpthemes.net

      Do you want free themes or premium themes? Websites mentioned above offer free themes. Also you can get themes custom designed by a good designer.

  6. Some of wp theme don’t work on wp 2.7, and it makes me confused. So I don’t yet change it again. To my know 2.7 is still in beta, isn’t it?

    1. If a theme does not work in 2.7, it maybe due to obsolete tags. New Comment features introduced are optional changes for themes. And 2.7 is final version and is not in beta anymore. You can get it from here.

  7. I just upgraded to 2.7 and have to say it went generally very, very well, except a persnicky .htaccess file that screwed up things for ages. Other than that…impressive!

  8. Hi Navojt,

    Did the new wordpress broke anything in your blog yet?

    I dont dare to do any changes on my site, it would be a real hell if anything happens to my info right now.

    1. Nope…nothing has broken here. It is working perfectly alright. You can try it though making backups is still necessary before upgrading.

  9. I updated this last week and i feel its heavy to load … isnt it ..?

    1. I did feel a bit on write post page but overall, speeds have improved much. I don’t think its heavy at all.

  10. I will try to upgrade my local wordpress first and see if my theme works with 2.7
    Or I will change my theme again, fourth time this year. 🙂

    Btw, thanks for the link. I’m sorry about the color of my banner, it doesn’t seem to fit on this blog. 🙁

    1. Don’t worry about the banner. Its only for a month unless you want to continue the subscription.

      Theme Change is not compulsory. If your theme was working in 2.5, it will work in 2.7. Theme change is only needed if you want inbuilt Threaded, paged comments and sticky post support. If you can’t change theme, you can try using plugins for these even in 2.7 wordpress.

  11. I am on 2.7 🙂 No probs here

    1. Somehow..your comment always lands up as Spam in Akismet. Do you know the reason?

  12. sweet I’m just updating now; if you get a sec nav hit me up on msn to help with the theme updates 😉

  13. I, for once, will take a cautious approach to update WP. Not everything new is good. Lets see more reviews before I risk my blog 😉

    1. I appreciate your concern, You may wait. I have been using it past one hour now…no concerns here. Plus the theme upgrades are not compulsory. I have not done them yet too.

    2. Ok..Just done the theme changes…Have disabled few plugins which are now part of wordpress core.

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