Wordpress 2.5 Installed and Running

I have installed WordPress 2.5 and its running very smoothly. Surprisingly no plugin or theme compatibility problems were found. If you find any problem with the site, report it to me.

Only problem is with this Recommended Tags Plugin. Though it still inserts tags into posts but they don’t show up under Tags used on this post under Tags menu of Write Post page. I have contacted the author of the plugin regarding this.

Other than this I found no problems and am enjoying the cool look of the dashboard which 2.5 offers.


  1. Same here – I had no issues when I switched from WP 2.3.3 to WP 2.5. No problems with plugins, really nothing. It runs smooth and the dashboard is nice and refreshing 😉

  2. Everything is working with WordPress 2.5.1 I’m very glad. Only one of my used plugins is useless now: counterize…

  3. I update it too, but color scheme needs a change. And I also got some problems with uploading photos

  4. with wordpress we don’t need programmer to make our website. just install and we get site.

  5. wordpress is easy blog for beginner. I like it

  6. I found a useful tool for upgrading my wordpress blogs, I just written a post about it. However, I have found one or two problems with 2.5.1

  7. Nice blog, Congratulation.
    I like the new dashboard look of WP 2.5, but because it’s new i have to get teeth into using a new WP admin features.

  8. I am also delaying my update. 20 blogs to update 😯

    1. hammock chairs » Well 20 blogs is huge number. Best of luck.

  9. Congratulation for WordPress! The new WordPress (version 2.5) there are lots of feature I really like and they are very very useful and powerful.

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  10. WordPress 2.5 – new version released. Should I upgrade? On the other hand, the more people install and feed that back to WordPress, the quicker 2.5.1 comes out with more improvements.

  11. I love WordPress 2.5. I also noticed that no plugins I had running were affected by the upgrade, which is great, and I love the new look of the dashboard; it’s much more sleek and appealing.

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  12. I also need to update my WP but I am wondering whether most of my plugins are supported. Thats why I have been delaying the update…

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  13. Hey, I was wondering which adsense plug-in you were using. Mine sucks butt.

  14. Does not happen with me. Maybe you are using a plugin which appears or works in Write Post page. Try disabling that plugin. Maybe that plugin is not compatible with WordPress 2.5.

  15. Handphone >> Your comment request has been fullfilled by Prosperity Writer. :mrgreen:

  16. so far i never found any major issues with WP 2.5 from around the blogsphere. i will try it on one of my test blogs

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