WordPress 2.9 – Features, Tips and Screenshots (Updated)

WordPress 2.9 Release is now nearing day by day. WordPress Development Team has stated as October end as the release for its first beta version and few release candidates will be released in November. Final 2.9 version can be expected by End of November or December start. And since 2.9 is so near, let me show you some of the new features and enhancements which will be a part of 2.9 version: (Screenshots are included at the bottom)

  • Easy Embedding of Media – This is the biggest feature in terms of media management in WordPress 2.9. Now you won’t need plugins to add photos, videos and audio in your posts. Just paste the url of the video, audio or photo and WordPress will embed it automatically provided the source of your video, audio and photos understands and supports oEmbed API. Writing about Easy Embeds here is long. Check out Viper’s Detailed Post on this.
  • Trash on Edit Screen
    Trash Status for Posts, Pages, Images and Comments – Now you will not have to repent that you deleted any post or comment by mistake. All posts, pages, images and comments will be put in a trash bin at start and you can restore them anytime. Trash bin will hold the data for 30 days only. After 30 days, trash will be emptied automatically. You can ofcourse change this value by adding this line into your wp-config.php:
    define( 'EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 30 );For some more developer related information on Trash Status, check WPEngineer’s Post.
  • Image Edit Screen
    Image Editor – WordPress 2.9 Sports a cool Image Editor which will allow you to rotate, flip, scale and crop images.
  • Post Thumbnail ButtonUse as Thumbnail in Media TabThumbnail in Edit Post ScreenThumbnail in the Post

    Post Thumbnails – Now you can specify a specific thumbnail to be associated with each post. No more custom fields or messing with Timthumbs. Just upload a image, edit it and then select it as a thumbnail from write/edit post page. To display the thumbnail, include the following code in your theme’s php files:Post Thumbnails can be styled using wp-post-image class using CSS. You can even check whether a post has thumbnail and show thumbnails only if present. Here is the sample code to demonstrate this:

    For a advanced usage of Post Thumbnails check Matt Rude’s Guide and to see more discussions on it check WPEnginner’s Post.
    BTW soon after this post got published, WordPress 2.9 rare got updated and now Pages can also have Thumbnails.

  • Include and exclude specific images from Gallery – Earlier Gallery could include images only which were attached to a particular post/page but now you can include/exclude image from gallery by providing the image id. For example to include images with id 5 and 8 and to exclude images with id 20 and 45 just use this shortcode:

    in your post content.

  • Change Excerpt Length and More Text – WordPress 2.9 Introduces two new filters which will enable you to change excerpt’s length and the default […] text. For more information, check WPEngineer’s post about it. Check on implementation details at Bavotasan
  • User can be created via XMLRPC – Now blog editors apart from creating posts and pages will be able to add users.
  • Category and Tag Templates can now be created as category-catname.php and tag-tagname.php – Previously it could only be created as category-id.php or tag-id.php. where catname and tagname means category and tag slug names and id refers to respective category or tag ids. So no more need to lookup ids and creating templates on them. Templates can be more meaningful now.
  • No More Threading comments level upto 1 which is uneccessary and confusing.
  • Add custom contact fields for users – You can now have Twitter link in user profile instead of Jabber ID which you can use to display in custom author boxes! See a small example at Yoast.
  • Batch Plugin and Theme Updates – Now wordpress allows you to upgrade all your themes and plugins from one place. Check WPEngineer’s post about it.
  • Custom Theme Directory – Plugins can now register custom theme directories by using ‘register_theme_directory()’ function.
  • Custom Post Types – Currently there are only 3 types of posts – post/page and attachment. But now one can define additional post types which will unlock more of WordPress CMS Features.
  • Comment Metadata – Just as posts and pages carry metadata, comments also now will carry metadata.

For Complete List of Features coming in 2.9, check Codex Page.