Wordpress 2.8.4 Released

WordPress pushed a new version 2.8.4 just few hours back and has recommended that everybody must upgrade to it as it fixes a serious vulnerability with which the password of admin user can be resetted which can create annoyance and can lead to a security breach. So I recommend everybody to upgrade to 2.8.4 immediately. It takes only few minutes and can save a lot of trouble later.

Get WordPress 2.8.4


  1. Done and done, thanks! I’ve been running 2.5 for a bit over a year without any updates…probably not good.

  2. is it important to upgrade my wordpress to 2.8.4? i think wordpress too fast in upgrading their version. and it is a little bit annoying you know. thank you anyway for the info

    1. Yes, it is necessary to keep yourself updated. Its better to be safe rather than sorry. You should be proud that WordPress is fast in keeping update with latest security patches and bug fixes. It does so that it can protect its fast growing community from possible hack attacks.

  3. i had upgraded my blog now to new wordpress 2.8.4

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