Windows Live Spaces shifts to

Well this is probably the biggest announcement from in recent months. Auttomattic has parternered with partners at Microsoft and as a result of which all blogs hosted on Windows Live Spaces would be shifted to in next 6 months. And not only this but all new blogs created at Windows Live Spaces from now on would be using platform. Also now you can connect your blog with Messenger so that you can update your MSN Friends with new posts you make at your blog.

Windows Live Writer’s New Upcoming version will make as default blogging option. Well if you see, this partnership seems beneficial for both companies. Microsoft would no longer have to work on to maintain a blogging service which is losing out to Blogger and and just overtook one of its competitiors in the blogging space and got access to a wider audience.

Regarding the switch, Microsoft is offering 6 months time for all blogs to either shift to, delete, close or download them to your local PC. Only downside I see is that with Windows Live Spaces you got almost 25GB free space via Windows Live Skydrive account but with you only get 2GB as free space. But the advantages obviously outweighs this one like more features, paid upgrades and powerful Control Panel. Newbies to WordPress Blogging platform can follow this awesome writeup by Lorelle on the switch.