Win upto 100$ in NSpeaks first contest

Yes its time that the NSpeaks also start its own contest. And here I am with my first contest ever. You can win easy 100$ just by following some simple rules.

For entering the contest, write about this contest in about 100 words with 2 links

For the above contest, prize is 50$. Well than where did the other 50$ go? Obviously in an other contest.

Second contest is here only for next 50$. Just subscribe to our feed and in any of the post between 25 and 30 November, you will see a unique text code in the feed. Just email that code to us. You can also subscribe to our feed via email.

From all the people who mail me the correct code, any one of you can 50$. Easy huh?

You can enter both the contests and get a chance to win 100$! 😈

How winners will be selected? For both the contests, I will assign each of the winner a unique number and use site to generate a random number. The person corresponding to the number wins the contest. And if you are lucky you may even win both contests. :mrgreen:

OOps…what is the duration of contest?? Runs from 1 November – 30 November 2007(Friday – 6: 30PM IST.) Prizes will be paid via Paypal only. Winners will be announced via mail and also will be listed here. Prizes should be claimed within 7 days of announcement of winner otherwise they will be forfeited. Also non winners will get their sites linked in the winner announcing post to reward each of them with a free backlink.

Contest is over. RSS Entries are accepted till December 1, 2007 6:30PM IST.


  1. Floor Mats » Yes…I accept blogger blogs too. 🙂

  2. I’m going to participate, do you accept blogger blogs?

  3. Thanks Navjot for this contest. I’ve joined already. I really appreciate it. More power to this site. God bless you always.

  4. Hey, I blogged about your contest here : POST.

    Will watch out for the text code!


  5. Entered both! 🙂

  6. Hey Quiz_master…its open. What did you read? It started today. You can take part. :mrgreen:

  7. Ahhh I missed it…
    Was busy in personal life so much…

    Well better luck next time 😀

  8. Nice idea for a contest. A win-win situation for all ! :mrgreen:

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