Win Ninja Affiliate Plugin by MaxBlogPress

Those who missed the opportunity, Ninja Affiliate Plugin is for $30 discount till August 21, 2009 Midnight EST..Hurry now. Buy Ninja Affiliate Plugin at $67 only.

Here is my next contest with another cool prize. I am offering MaxBlogpress Ninja Affiliate Plugin worth $97 to a person who wins this contest.

I am not asking anything more…just subscribe to email feed via email and comment here. Now this is different from previous contest. Your email would be counted only when you comment here. Unless you comment here though you are subscribed or not, your email will not count.

Only 1 Requirement:

Subscribe via email and Comment – Do both to get counted.

You don’t need to blog about this contest to get a entry though you are most welcome if you do blog about it.

Contest runs till 25 December, 2008 11:59PM IST.

Winner will be announced on 26 December 2008.


  1. Contest has ended…Winners will be announced soon.

  2. i would have bought this script if i didn’t exausted my money this christmas lol. anyway. ill take my chance here 🙂

    1. Those who missed the opportunity, Ninja Affiliate Plugin is for $50 discount for next 1 day and 14 hours from the time of this comment..Hurry now. Buy Ninja Affiliate Plugin at $47 only. And if you want to help me, pls use my link to buy. 🙂

  3. iam join

  4. I have subscribed and here’s the comment.

    Thank you so much for your generosity! Can’t wait for the newest post.

  5. Subscribe with e-mail ID used in comment form here.

    I wish i could win this great Plugin.

    1. Wish you luck. Thanks for subscribing.

  6. I just subscribed to your blog and even wrote a post about the contest though it’s not required 🙂

    1. Thanks for the mention. Appreciated.

  7. I’ve subscribed. Hoping to win.

  8. hello Savjit,

    Im just subscribe, This is great plugin i’ev know. Im bloged about this contest also.

    win & win & win…

  9. Thanks to everybody who have joined. Looking forward to more entries.

  10. Thanks, now im subscribed to your feed 😉

    1. Your email id is not in the list..I don’t see it.

  11. I’m in – pretty pretty please! I soooooo want that plugin! LOL

    Btw, click the URL above if you would like to be a sponsor in my upcoming contest as well. 😉

    1. If you wanted the plugin, then you should have subscribed.

  12. Cool, I am in, just subscribed!

  13. I just subscribed. Count me in! Sounds awesome.

  14. Hey great blog and contest. I came here from The Blogging Idol – Suzanne’s site.
    I’ve subscribed by email. I actually just about bought that plug in but will now wait a few more weeks.
    See you

  15. I’m in for this contest too.. subscribed and commented 🙂

  16. Opps! Sorry … I hit “reply” by accident so move if you’d prefer. 😉 S

    1. Moved…and thanks for blogging about the contest.

  17. Navjot ~ It’s a great plugin! I’ve subscribed, commented and blogged just for good measure. Thanks again for all of your support for BI2. *huGs* Suzanne

  18. Great contest. Count me in

    1. You didn’t verify..hence your subscription not counted.

  19. Wow! great contest. Subscribed now! Ciao from Italy

  20. Subscribed using the email in this comment.

  21. I don’t need the plugin or anything but I did you a favor and blogged about it.

    Hope it helps!


    1. Thanks for posting.

  22. Count me in. I’m Subscribed!

  23. count me in subscribe and comment sl*as*t*p at

  24. done! subscribed and confirmed the subscription already using blogdemanila [at] gmail [dot] com.

    i hope I’ll win 🙂

  25. You all have been entered for the contest. Thanks for entering.

  26. Count me in also, I want that plug-in bro…lol

  27. Hi,

    Count me in, Ive already subscribe to your blog.

  28. Another contest so quickly :p well count me in again 😀

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