When you are not making money

So, you have written some cool posts on your blog. You have advertised a lot using commenting, guest posts and various social bookmarking techniques. You have setup your blog nicely and setup an advertising page highlighting your stats and everything. And now its over a month and you have not even received a single penny worth of your efforts. What do now in cases like these when you are not making money? Don’t sit idle is the technique here to be followed. Follow some steps mentioned below to get out of this mess:

  1. Switch to AdNetworks as an alternative. Just Keeping Private ads won’t make money for everybody. You may be receiving 300-500 uniques daily but still without money. Then don’t wait for private advertising to kick off, start with some public adnetworks like Adbrite and Adsense.
  2. Sponsor some contests. Blogosphere is filled with lots of contests. Sponsor some contests offering ad spaces at your blog. Though this won’t make you money but gives your sites good exposure resulting in few ad sales too afterwards.
  3. Put Some Affiliate Banners. Unless you get some good private ads, you can put some default Ad banners from the affiliate programs where you are taking part. This will make you money too apart from keeping your ad spots giving a filled look too.
  4. Exchange Banners Now this is something I have not seen but this idea came up in my mind. Why not exchange banners with your friends? Its definitely better than exchanging links. Try this and both of you get benefitted.
  5. Highlight your best posts You can even use your empty banners to highlight your best content on blog. Get a good banner designed for one of your best posts, link it up and put it in the empty ad spot. It will ensure that your best post too receives good traffic.
  6. Try some cool widgets Ok..some people can go overdrive especially those blogspot blogs. But having a cool widget can also take up the ugly space being used by empty adspaces. Try Skribit for instance. It will even allow you to get feedback on your blog.
  7. Put up a Chipin.com Widget Ok this may sound stupid but this came to my mind from a recent example. One of my friend has taken the tedious task of hosting Kaspersky AV’s Offline updates. And he is constantly updating them. Imagine the server load…he needs over 150GB bandwidth per month which no shared or VPS hosting is able to bear at the moment. And his current ads are not helping much. So I asked him to use this widget to ask for donations to help support him. This may work for him, though its too early to say as its not even 1 day since widget is live. And if you also want to download KAV Offline updates head to ChotoCheeta.com And do support him if you appreciate his efforts.

Hope you like some of my ideas to use when you are not making money.