When to get your Site/Blog Reviewed at others?

Yes, mostly newly launched sites/blogs think first step is to get some reviews from big bloggers like JohnChow, JohnCow, TylerCruz etc. But do you have your site ready for getting reviewed? Will it be able to offer new visitors what they expect from it. Do you really want to end up in a negative review?

So When is the right time to get your site/blog reviewed?

Firslty analyse your site and give it your best chance to make it a nice and good site that will appeal to new visitors that the review will give you. Only when you have put in your 100% and now in need of some good source of traffic and some nice/not nice reviews of your site, should you apply for getting reviewed from Big and Even Small Blogs like me too. :mrgreen:

But how to analyse your site?

Put yourself in the visitor’s seat and just visualise your site as somebody else’s and think that you are visiting it for the first time. And then check few points?

  • Does design looks appealing?
  • Does Your Site’s content is relevant and enough to make a new visitor stay for long?
  • Does Your Site fullfills the need of the new visitor?

These are the very few basic points that you should consider before putting your site up for a review?

So what are you thinking, just analyse your site, make amends and get yourself reviewed at NSpeaks for $25! :mrgreen: