What not to do when starting a blog

Well this is a new blog, so thought why not put up some tips on what not do when starting a blog.

Well I had a blog in past, did not got much readers, but got pagerank 5 atleast. 😎 But that’s not important since I made a lot of mistakes then due to which I couldn’t get much loyal readers.

So here is the list of things to avoid on a new blog:

  • Don’t Start a blog with making money as your objective. You will never succeed if you start a blog, put too much ads and then dream you will be rich. Totally false. In a new blog, your main focus should be building content and getting readers.
  • Never show your feedburner count chicklet on your new blog. Read the reason from JohnChow.com
  • Don’t start your blog with too much posts copied from elsewhere, example is tech news…people fill too much news copying from one site. People can read tech news from million sources and plus it doesn’t add much content to your site.
  • Stick to topic strictly, since you are building your blog and telling readers that what your blog is all about.
  • Never offer half feeds. People will never subscribe to half feeds. Always start your blog with full feeds. Only if you are posting at an average of 10-15 posts per day, you should consider half feeds. And even if your blog matures, I recommend sticking to full feeds.
  • Read a lot of material on the topic before you start a blog on that topic. That keeps you aware of the issues related to it and will give you better analysis on what to write and how to write.

Seems, I have covered sufficient points. Any more would you like to suggest?