What I hate about Tumblr

Tumblr is great if you want to create a personal blog without any issues regarding hosting, domains, finding themes, and learning HTML or PHP. Neither do you have to worry about uploading the content as Tumblr supports nearly all types of content, be it photos, videos, and audio, and it is a visual treat.

But there is something about Tumblr which I hate totally. It’s how they handle user-profiles and the follow/follower system and how they are associated with a blog. Tumblr allows you to host as many blogs under a single account but lets you associate your Tumblr profile only with the first and primary blog you created. Individual blogs carry their individual avatars to differentiate for your followers, but there is no way other blogs under your account can be associated with an entirely different profile.

So whenever you follow any blog, your primary blog will always be shown as the follower, which sucks because if you expect a follow back from that blog to your other blog, they end up following your primary blog. Now Tumblr allows you to add/remove members, and in this way, you can transfer your blog to an entirely new owner. But even this doesn’t solve the profile problem because that account must be having a primary blog. The transferred blog will act again as secondary to that account because Tumblr does not allow you to keep a Tumblr account without having any blog attached to it, unlike WordPress.com, where we can keep a WP.com account without creating any blog.

I want Tumblr to revamp their profiles and decide which profile we want to use when following a blog and keep a totally separate profile with each of our blogs. Unless then, I would recommend you not make multiple blogs under a single account and make a separate account for each of your Tumblr blogs.

Other things are annoying about Tumblr, but they have more to do with what people do on Tumblr than Tumblr itself, so that I won’t mention them here.