What Distracts you from Blogging?

Blogging is not easy. Sometimes when I sit to ponder over and think what I should post next, lot of things come in front of me which tends to distract me from blogging. Majority of these reasons can be overcome easily. Here I list some of the most common reasons which distract oneself from blogging:

  • Chats – Sometimes when I am thinking about a new post, suddenly somebody pings me at my Y! messenger and I dwell away from my wordpress admin panel and then I forget what I was doing initially.
  • Mails – Somebody forward junk or forwarded mail and one gets engaged in reading it and oh, you just missed your blog post. 🙄
  • Sites – Sometimes we are on the lookout for information or topic to blog and we wander into different sites until we realise that we have over 100 tabs open in Firefox and now we are unable to find what we need to – our wordpress tab. oops 😆

Now we can try to avoid all these distractions if we have control over ourselves. So please don’t distract too much from blogging. While blogging, set IMs to invisible, log out of mails and close most of the tabs in your browser. Try blogging with a fresh mind. It will definitely help. Or if nothing comes to your mind, blog this type of a post. 😎

So what distracts you from blogging? 😉


  1. Yes.. Its irretating when someone ping me on IM when I am blogging. There are lotta offline distractions too. Like someone comes when you blog or phone calls, which are harder to avoid.
    For me biggest distraction from blogging is my teachers. 😛 They give me a lotta Home Work. 😥 😉

  2. A lot can distract you actually. That’s why it’s important to get in a mode and stay there to be productive. Have a set time everyday to do whatever you really want to get done, then do it!!!

    My distractions have been other web sites, videos, TV, music, any sound distraction, etc.

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