After trying to blog for 15 years using WordPress, I feel it is time to try a different platform. Though this is not the first time I have tried something different. In the past, I have used Ghost and Hexo. While both of them have their own benefits, I wanted to try something new.

Welcome Hugo! It is a static site generator written in Go language. This means, it come packaged as a single executable file with no dependencies which makes running, and updating it that much easier. I am still learning more about it’s features and template system. Over time, I will keep updating my site to incorporate the best that Hugo has to offer.

So far, I have managed to successfully copy over the posts and images over to Hugo. I have gone through and fixed broken images, and links. The next step would be to convert older images to WebP format to further reduce the overhead.

I will also blog about tips and tricks about Hugo that I learn along the way. Here’s hoping that I will write more going forward.