Update to the privacy policy

This blog has been using Google Analytics for a very long time to track traffic and visitor data. To be honest, the traffic isn’t that much great and Google Analytics as a tool was overkill for the job. And the fact that it tracks a lot of stuff along with a heavy javascript code, it didn’t make much sense to keep using it. I have also disabled Jetpacks analytics tool.

For now, I have switched over to using Umami Analytics tool. It doesn’t place any cookie on the user’s PC to track visits and only collects data anonymously. At 2kb, it is extremely lightweight too.

This also means I have updated the Privacy policy of the blog.

I have also removed all the comments from the site and have disabled comments on all posts and media attachments. Along with that, I have also taken down the contact form and instead provided with my email id where you can reach me.

Since no data is being collected or any cookie is being placed, I have removed the irritating cookie notice from the site.

Here’s to better privacy. And wear a mask and be safe.

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