Turning off FeedBurner Feeds

FeedBurner off late has become very unreliable service to use. Recently Stats got reset to 0 for everyone for almost 3 days. Even Google has stopped adding features and this year it even turned off its official blog and twitter account on the same day. Its API is also getting deprecated on October 20. Google even lost the japanese domain of FeedBurner.

It doesn’t look like that Google is interested anymore in supporting it. Though Google may keep it alive for sometime because it did post an update about the recent outage. But there is no certainity about its future. Recently only I started hiding the FeedBurner links from showing up. But now its better to stop using it therefore and from today itself, if you were using the Feedburner link to subscribe to my blog, change the url to https://nspeaks.com/feed/ because I am shutting down the FeedBurner Service. For next 15 days, the FeedBurner link will automatically redirect to the default feed link and for another 15 days, it will show you a message to update your links. After that, it will be no more available.

Note to Email Subscribers: Sorry but I won’t be using any alternative service. You can check my Twitter account for all the updates.