Top 5 things I hate seeing in a new blog

Blogosphere is booming with so many blogs created round the minute. And its a good thing to see so many bloggers taking to this new medium. I very well appreciate this fact. But the problem is since your first impression for a visitor is very important and more important as it tells how serious you are with your blogging. Seeing a blog for the first time can tell easily that whether you will see this blog 6 months down the line or not.

Many newbie bloggers do commit the same mistakes which are not only bad for the blog but a problem as visitors come to know that this blog is not at all serious.

Here I am listing top 5 of such mistakes which newbie bloggers should avoid otherwise their blog might not get more visitors in future.

  1. Showing your rss feed subscriber count. If you have launched your blog only 7 days back and with a feed count of 10, you want to show it. No point then. Nobody will subscribe to a blog which has just 10 subscribers. Wait unless you reach a three digit figure with that count. Till then a big RSS button will do more benefit than a small feedburner chicklet showing pathetic counts.
  2. No Pages or Default Pages with no content – I hate to see new blogs with either no pages or pages with little or no or default content(in WordPress case). A basic blog must have atleast 2 pages – About and Contact. About page should tell why that blog was created and contact page for collecting feedback and connecting with your readers as well.
  3. Too Few categories or Uncategorized – I see lot of new blogs with either too few categories or even a category named Uncategorized(Using wordpress default category systems). It looks so unprofessional and immature. Create some meaningful categories and post your content according to it.
  4. Ultra Long Sidebars – I know that you know a lot about web widgets but that does not mean you will incorporate every single widget found on net in your sidebar. This I see specially on blogspot blogs. A new visitors won’t wait for long on your blog and more so if your blog is new. So I would advise you to stick to just some basic widgets or things in sidebar namely – Categories, Subscribe Button, Archives, Recent Posts and a social media button. That’s it. Showing 6 125×125 ads on a new blog in sidebar is also unprofessional. Refrain from that too atleast till the time you get substantial traffic to convert those buttons in some money.
  5. Ad Blindness – See that I am not against putting ads on a new blog. But ad blindness is something you should avoid on a new blog. One big banner may suffice on a new blog. You should choose wisely on how to arrange text and ads especially on a new blog so that text is immediately visible on first page load. Ad can come later. First you should think of keeping that visitor stuck on your page and then redirect them towards the ads not vice-versa.

So here I have covered some most basic pitfalls a newbie blogger should avoid. Hope you agree with me. If you have any more such suggestions for a newbie blogger, feel free to share with me.