Tip to Use Windows Live Writer Effectively

If you remember I recommended to you how using Offline Blog Editors especially Windows Live Writer will help you in writing fast and better and without distraction. Now most of you argue that Windows Live Writer does not support either this feature or that.

Well I agree with you. Even on wordpress, there is no support for Custom Fields with WLW. Also you can’t check list of existing tags as you can check with category making chances of duplicate tags being generated over time even with a spelling or case change in new tag name.

But let me tell you, you forgot WLW has a very unique and easy feature to overcome this. Its called Post Draft and Edit Online. You can write the post when not connected to net, taking your full time. Now save it as local draft, connect to the net and click Post Draft and Edit online. Now it will be saved in your wordpress system as a draft post and corresponding edit page will open where you can make the final touches like selecting right tags, putting keywords or descriptions, adding custom smileys and writing custom fields which should not take much of your time. And now using the above tip you can publish a lot more posts than you regularly do.

Do share your WLW tips if you know more. I am enjoying WLW to the fullest especially after getting to use this tip fully.


  1. Hi,
    even with some complex wordpress themes (i.e. Brandford magazine, Arthemia), i use WLW because i can work offline, and because it supports some very useful plugins (i.e. template texts, file attachments, etc.).
    For the theme that originally use custom fields to handle thumbtails’ images on the front page, i definitively switched to the usage of some php/wordpress features (i.e. wp_get_attachment_image_src, or hack of functions.php). Therefore, using WLW is not a nightmare anymore !

  2. I really hate Windows Live Writer. Bcoz, it still don’t have the support for WordPress Custom Fields and takes a lot of resources with more complicated interface. I highly recommend Blog Desk for those who want to Blog Offline and more it supports the WordPress Custom Fields. I love the simple interface of Blog Desk !

  3. is there a firefox extension that has this kind of funtionality?

    1. There is one such popular firefox extension which allow you to publish to blogs: ScribeFire.

  4. Windows Live Writer has a hyperlink glossary in which you can save the links. It also have spelling checker and a ping feature to many different sites.

  5. What’s wrong with the old and fashion way of writing? Me for example, I love notepad. It’s so simple, winkey + r, type notepad, type whatever you want, alt+s over the time and.. voila!:)

    1. Problem with Notepad is that it only can store your thoughts. It does not support text formatting, links and cannot publish your thoughts with a single click which WLW does! 8)

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