Threading Comments now easier

Earlier I found it too difficult to handle threaded comments on my blog. But now it seems, we have lot more options than only 2 plugins earlier. And the new plugins are extremely simple requiring no template edits. Brian also updated his plugin for WordPress 2.5 and fixed some bugs but still is very difficult to implement for a newbie blogger. So let’s look at almost all threading comments plugins we have now to choose from:

1. Brian’s Threaded Comments (Updated for WordPress 2.5 and ready to use) – For more powerful use check HowtoSpotter’s Hacked Version of it(Obviously inspired by me – lol)

2. YATCP – A nice and simple plugin implementing trackback separation also. Easier to implement but still requires lot of tweaking.

Now its time to welcome some new plugins(atleast new for me if they existed before)

3. Ajax Comment Reply – One of very powerful plugins enabling ajax replying, threaded support, email to administrator of replies, pagination of comments and ajax editing of comments for administrator in post page. Requires little or no template edit for threaded comments. Also support gravatar. Plugin page is in chinese so for english version check here.

4. WordPress Thread Comments – Very powerful comment plugin just made for threaded comments feature but support ajax reply too. (Check compatibility with other Ajax Comment and non ajax comment plugins.) Again requires little or no template edit. Plugin page is in chinese – for english version check here.

5. Ajaxed WordPress – Very Powerful and Huge Plugin mainly for converting your WordPress Blog into ajaxified blog adding ajax to nearly everything. But includes threaded comment support also via inline comments and inline comment form module. Little or No Template Edit required for this one too.

So you see, now we have 5 options to make our comments threaded. So you have no excuse to not have them on your blog. Afterall they make lives of commentors easy.

BTW NSPeaks uses Ajax Comment Reply(Number 3 above) here for threaded comments.


  1. hello.

    I love your comment plugin. however the above mentioned ajax plugin (the number 3) didn’t display exactly the same comment plugin you’re using. is that still the same plugin?

  2. I was thinking to install a plugin for threaded comments but I guess it’s too early for my fresh website, you gotta have comments! lol 😆

    But this list it quite useful, thanks

  3. Thanks so much for the list. There’s another one out there – Alex’s Threaded Comments which is a fork from Brian’s Threaded Comments (BTC) with a few elements of its own.

    As far as the non BTC based plugins, I’m really liking WordPress Thread Comments. It’s light weight and works right out of the box.

  4. I agree with most of the others. Nice tips. Keep’em comming 😉

  5. Very nice tips you got there. But still, before they will become useful you have to grow your blogs trafic, so that they will become useful for visitors. Till then, they remain simple statues

  6. This makes your blog organized too. Sure you like WordPress 2.0.

  7. wordpress and blogger are easy way tobe webmaster. tools prepared freely.

  8. Thanks! I just installed my first wordpress blogg last night. I’m bookmarking this page.

  9. hello

    you post problem of wp thread comment comptible with wp ajax edit comment, i am the author of wp thread comment, i can’t understand your mean, can you give me some sreenshot and some description? i test it in my blog, wp thread comment is compatible with wp ajax edit comment.

    thank you for your attention.

  10. Great collection! I’ve already begun to check them out.
    btw it would be more convenient if you supplied each with a link to an example blog which uses this kind of plugin for everyone to see how it looks

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