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SkribitSometimes, we don’t know what our readers would like to read on our blogs. Readers also would feel comfortable in suggesting if a tool is there which lets them vote directly for what they would like to see on a blog. And a blogger can get good ideas on how he should follow.

That is where Skribit comes in. (I wonder howcome people get ideas to develop such applications!) Skribit allows readers to directly suggest topics for you to post on your blog. Not only it allows readers to post suggestions but also helps readers find related blogs since a reader himself need to have a Skribit account to suggest on a blog.

And not only posting suggestions, but readers can help improve a blog by suggesting anything which they would like to see in that blog.

A blogger can add a Skribit widget to his blog very easily. Registration is also easy. Widget is highly customisable so that it blends well with your site’s design. Each blog gets a public profile page where a reader can vote for the suggestions already posted or suggest something new. Its upto the blogger to check that he can implement suggestions which are voted the maximum times. And best part is that it works with almost all blogging platforms and even static sites(I haven’t checked but you can use Skribit to gather suggestions for your site – why only blogs get the advantage? 😀 ).]

One Suggestion for Skribit from me – Atleast disallow suggestions to your own blog. I added that second suggestion you currently see. 🙂


  1. I just read something about Skribit the other day, but your post and links show better what this is and how it can be used. I do like getting ideas from readers, and this looks like it will make it easier to have happen. Cool!

  2. I think thats an awesome idea. Someone had posted a comment on another blog site asking why I had not included a certain category. Needless to say I set out to create the category in question right away.

    Thanks for the tip

  3. pretty cool idea. I had heard of skribit, but I wasn’t too sure what exactly it did.

  4. I am checking this out…thanks

  5. Now this is a great product. I have a health blog and I often times wonder if my readers find some of the stuff interesting or not. With this tool they could help pick the topics that I write about. Thanks for the post!

  6. It’s sort of like being in a band that can accept requests.

    If you aren’t touring a blockbuster album, you might as well be prepared to give the crowds what they want.

    If I use this and anyone asks for a rendition of Freebird, however, I’m turning it off.

  7. Good tool. I am using it on my own blog for 3 weeks.

  8. Good tool, the basic concept behind starting a blog or creation of blog was to have a more personal thoughts about issues and for letting people comment means that you want the audience intraction too.

    But at times people forget about the significance of intraction with your audience.

    Now with changing times a blog is not just for your personal Use. basically if you are tryign to get anywhere then you have to make that blog in such a way that it will take good care of all the audience and there needs & wants.

    Hope that makes sense.

  9. 8) Great !!
    This is really good tool at startup of new blog.

  10. Now the only problem is finding a spot to place that..

    Do you put it above your RSS Icon for maximum exposure? Or below it, risking less interactivity with your users..

  11. Interesting tool. I am thinking about using it on my own blog. I think I’ll subscribe to this blog 🙂

  12. Hi Navjot,

    We allow bloggers to make suggestions on their own blogs because it allows them to seed suggestions on their blog. It also allows bloggers to manage and get feedback on ideas they are planning to write about in the future.

    – Calvin, a Skribit Co-Founder

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