Subscribe to your own feed

You have started a new blog and are seeing no feed readers at the moment. Don’t feel depressed. There are some ways to get started. You should definitely subscribe to your own blog. There is no harm in this. Subscribing to your own blog has multiple benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits of subscribing to your own blog:

  1. You get to know of any problems that your RSS Subscribers may be facing. Sometimes the feed is broken but since you are not subscribed, you don’t even find it unless someone reports it to you which can mean loss of traffic. So subscribe yourself to know of potential problems the feed may have.
  2. You get a temporary boost in traffic by increasing the count a bit. Though the increase is not much…but it still helps if your blog is new.
  3. You can check for any new code or improvement you are doing in your feed. If you want to add a new feature to your feed, its obvious you should subscribe yourself to check it. Don’t rely on readers to tell you any problems if any with new feature introduced by you for your feed readers.

And Don’t do it hyperactively though…I mean don’t fake it to the extent that your blog stats are way up than the original. I myself use my single email id and also use a feed reader to check for any problems both with my email subscription or feed reader method. I would also recommend you to use one of both – a normal rss reader and email subscription form. 2 readers up and down won’t make a difference and it would help you identify problems and fix before others report it to you.