Spotify has launched in India

Spotify in India
Spotify is finally in India

We Indians have waited for Spotify to arrive for an eternity now. And then back in January, we got the news about Spotify signing up a deal with T-Series Music Label which was a signal that an Indian launch is imminent. Spotify’s journey started into India around 2 years back when they opened an office in Mumbai. Later Spotify’s CEO was quoted as saying that yes it will launch in India but gave no sign as to when.

But 2019 was different. Rumours started spreading that Spotify would launch on January 31. But then that got delayed and was postponed to Feb 15. Then to mid-March. Earlier today another news came that Warner Music has filed an injunction against Spotify in India. That was a good sign that the launch may get postponed further.

But the last few hours have been crazy. Why? Because Spotify’s website changed. And by a lot. Let’s go through all the new changes.

If you had been a Spotify member, now you can login to the website and change your location from US to India.  Doing so will also open Indian billing for you along with Indian specific plans.

Spotify in India is priced at Rs 119/month. If you want to prepay for 1 year, you need to spend Rs 1189. In comparison, Apple Music is priced at Rs 120/month, Gaana and JioSaavn at Rs 99/month while Google Play Music costs Rs 89/month. And Amazon Prime Music comes bundled with their prime subscription at Rs 999/year or Rs 129/month. You can pay via Credit/Debit cards, Paytm and UPI. There is a 30-day trial as well.

If you are a student then you can get Spotify for as little as Rs 60/month. And if you don’t want to tie yourself up with a subscription then it comes with one-time payments with fixed duration periods as follows

Rs 13 for 1 day | Rs 39 for 7 days | Rs 129 for 1 month | Rs 389 for 3 months | Rs 719 for 6 months

I would have loved if they could have brought their family plans as well. Android and iOS apps are live on the respective play stores. You should be able to signup now via apps. Web signup is still not working.

One thing more. So far the mobile apps were restricted as you couldn’t pick and play custom songs. You could only play songs from your library in shuffle mode and could skip a limited number of songs. Elsewhere you could play songs from only the 15 pre-selected playlists for you. On the web though, you were able to play any song of your choice. But with this Indian launch, those restrictions seem to have gone. You can pick and play any song and skip any number of times. So I guess the only reason to go premium would be the choice to download and listen to songs offline. That also means expect ads soon on the mobile app