Some Useful Plugins for WordPress Developers

As a WordPress developer you always tend to look for tools/plugins and methods to make your job a tad bit easy. Here I will list out some useful plugins that you will find definitely useful while working with WordPress as a Theme or a plugin developer.

Show Template

This plugin will add the name of the theme template file as a comment on the footer of the page. It is very useful when you are working with themes and you need to track which particular theme file was responsible for the page.

WordPress Reset

You can use this plugin to reset WordPress database to default. It will delete all customisations and content. It does not touch the files though. Very useful if you are using a blog for testing and you need to reset and test again from start.

Simply Show Ids

This plugin adds a new column to edit posts, categories, tags, links, users and media pages showing their ids.

Log Deprecated Notices

This plugin logs the usage of deprecated files, functions, and function arguments. It identifies where the deprecated functionality is being used and offers the alternative if available.

Theme Check

The theme check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and make sure it’s up to spec with the latest theme review standards.

Theme Test Drive

Want to test a theme on a live blog directly but don’t want anyone else to see it? Use this plugin. Its purely non destructive and you can come back to the default theme anytime.

WordPress Beta Tester

You want to test something on the latest bleeding edge version but can’t use SVN for some reason or the server you want to test on does not have SVN installed. Just install a normal blog and install this plugin to convert it into a bleeding edge install.

Shortcode Reference

This plugin lists all shortcodes available in your current wordpress installation. Can be useful if you want to track what all shortcodes are available on a blog.

Hope you found them useful. While researching for this post, I also landed up at some handy tips you may find useful as a WordPress developer. Make sure you check them out: