Second post is the most difficult to write

Well I can’t say about other bloggers, but for me writing the second post on the blog is very difficult.

Firstly why first post is easy to write?

  • Most bloggers just introduce themselves in first post
  • Most Bloggers are just explaining why they started the blog and what it will contain

So if you are blogging keeping a niche in mind, introduction becomes lot easier.

But then what about the second post?

Second post is a extension of the first one, expanding your ideas on topics that you declared in your first post.

How to make a good post which will keep the readers hooked? How to maintain the flow? How to start? What to post?

are some of the questions that were raging in my mind, when it striked that why not write about this very experience?

And therefore, here is my second post on this blog. 😉

Do you feel same as mine? ❓