Search Engines Game

Time for some games? Well here is a different and unique game. Its not the usual ones you play at your PC or online smacking someone, racing or solving puzzles. Its a game about search engines. I found it unique and interesting.

Well the game I am talking about is Search Engine SmackDown. It is basically a quiz testing your knowledge about search engine industry. Mostly questions are from top search terms in different search engines for past 2-3 years. But here is the twist. Its a bi fun to play not for the quiz part but for the way it asks questions and way it scores.

Here you get to play one from 6 DOT Com Moghuls or should I say Search Engine Moghuls. They are Larry Page, Sergey Bin(Google Founders), Bill Gates, Paul Allen(Microsoft Founders), Jerry Yang and David Karnstedt(Yahoo! Founders). Best part is you see all them kicking each other. 😈


Search Engine SmackDown Game

Search Engine SmackDown Game

Search Engine SmackDown Game

Search Engine SmackDown Game

Game also features high scores tables measured in terms of time taken to answer the questions. So enjoy the game! 😀


  1. And using google, you would lose out. Questions seems limited so after a few tries, you can reach the top slot easily. 😀

  2. Nice game…. Good for improving SE knowledge…
    But honestly..answering the question itself required me to use google..hehe

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