Saying No to Threaded Comments

Yes I finally said no to threaded comments. It was getting a pain to tweak the themes using Threaded Comments plugins. Earlier I thought only brian’s threaded comments was difficult to configure but then I found YATCP also a bit difficult to work with since its latest version 0.5 I can’t hide trackbacks at all and I wanted to separate the trackbacks and comments from each other. I wish Brian would update his plugin soon so that I may be able to bring back threaded comments back to my blog. But I don’t think not having threaded comments limit any functionality. You can still use @Commentuser to reply to a person’s comment. Can’t you? 😀


  1. So – has anyone found a way to separate trackbacks/pingbacks with Brian’s threaded comments? I’ve found several tutorials explaining how to do so with the normal comment template, but not Brian’s.

  2. Yeah,threaded comments is a big woe.
    it adds tons of JS too….makes pages so slow. i hate it…

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