Robots.txt is not enough for combatting Supplemental Results

Why am I discussing this now? Google may have dropped Supplemental index tag but that does not mean we should stop worrying about them. I used robots.txt in hope that my blog will never appear in supplemental results but almost more than 50% of my pages reached supplemental results. I am using robots.txt from day one when this blog started.

This means that robots.txt is not enough for getting your site out of supplemental index. Then what else is needed. Recently I came across this link for information about supplemetal index and how to get out of it. Oh! I thought I had done enough to combat supplemental index. But this opened my eyes. Especially the following point:

Google will list URLS blocked by robots.txt. URLs blocked by robots.txt will still show up in Google’s results if there are links pointing to that URL. To prevent them from appearing in the results at all, tag those pages with META ROBOTS=NOINDEX tag.

I am using now a conditional tag to keep category, archive, author and UTW tag pages out of google index. You can also use All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin to keep category, archive pages nonindexed. I use the following conditional tags in header.php file of my wordpress theme:

<?php if ( is_category() || is_archive() || is_search() || is_author() ) { ?>

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”><?php

} ?>

<?php if (function_exists(‘is_tag’)) { if ( is_tag() ) { ?>

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”>

<?php } } ?>

This is one step towards combatting supplemental results. Read the complete guide here about it. Google may drop the supplemental tag but not the index. You can still browse your pages listed in supplemental index by using the following query:


  1. What’s to be confused about, if they use nofollow it means there site has less outbounds then maybe you.

  2. I’m still confused about nofollow tag with a google competitor.

  3. Good information. I may consider using it myself.

  4. Buddy I talked of supplemental index not getting indexed in Google. Getting indexed in google is not difficult but keeping yourself out of supplemental index is too difficult.

  5. Well funny thing is my site seems to be index well on google. I just type Zm0ney or Zmoney in google and my site is either on top or on the 1st page. I’ve joined many communities and got involved in loads of topblog this and that. I do it all for free tho :p

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