Restoring Techorati Incoming Links in Wordpress 2.3

One thing which I found disappointing after upgrading to WordPress 2.3 was that instead of showing Technorati Incoming links in Dashboard, it showed Inlinks from Google Blog Search. Why this sudden change? And I found this useless and annoying. How to check inlinks from Technorati inside your blog?

Well not to worry since a plugin has been made to restore this feature. Jeremy Steele of Nusuni Dot Com found this as a concern and came out with a very useful plugin. Check Nusuni Technorati Links WordPress Plugin here.

You will need to fill your Technorati API key which can be found here.

Direct Download Link


  1. 8) thanks for the tip!! 😀

  2. Your theme is pretty slick, especially those graffiti type graphics. I love it!
    Just remember to add a graphic for Related posts header, ok? 😀

  3. I just upgraded and didn’t even realize this. Thanks for letting us know!

  4. If instead of providing Technorati Incoming Links as an addition to Google Blogsearch urls, if you can provide option of turning off google blogsearch and turning on technorati. So people will have choice, they can keep any one by using options.

    Rest the plugin ROCKS! 😀

  5. Thanks for the mention, I’m glad you like the plugin :). Let me know if there’s something I can improve.

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