Posts to be avoided by a Blogger

From my own 2 Years of Blogging experience and of reading hundreds of such articles, I can say that there are certain category of posts which no reader would like to read. Here is a list of such post types so that you can avoid writing such type of posts which will make readers go away or be put off.

  1. Personal Posts – Unless its your personal blog, posts about yourself, your life or your joys or sorrows will put off a reader instantly. Readers want content and information for which they come to your blog not to know what’s happening in your life currently. So avoid talking about yourself.
  2. Excuse Posts – Readers don’t want to read why you are not posting regularly or why you are posting too much. I have made few such posts and belive me, they are useless. Just maintain a flow of posts and keep writing without such excuse posts. They may work for very big bloggers but not for everyday blogger like us.
  3. Prewritten Review Posts – Many bloggers inorder to make a quick buck just copy paste prewritten review posts available on forums like DP or even review sites. Such posts only fetch you $5-10 per post and are too general, biased and look automated to praise a service. Such posts don’t have any images and contain only 2-3 links with heavy keywords. They may fetch you money but you loose respect from readers bigtime.
  4. Sponsors Thanks or Commentators Thanks Post – Just to please people so that your site remains popular, such posts are made regularly by many bloggers. I find them pretty useless. Sponsors already get too much adspace around the blog’s real-estate, I don’t think a thank you post on top of it is necessary at all.
  5. Essay Type Posts – Avoid posts which exceed 750 or 1000 words. Beyond a point, reader loses interest and if you give away too much of information. Mind you that you are not writing a encyclopaedia’s article but a blog post. Such long posts also reduce the chances of discussion since you have covered almost everything about the subject.
  6. Unformatted Posts – Posts which are unformatted or poorly written with a single long paragraph or without any image, bullet or lists put off a reader. Readers like to scan and read and it is easier to understand if the post is properly formatted.

If you have any other type of posts to share which should be avoided, please comment about them. These posts types are those which I observed in last few years of blogging.


  1. I agree for this article, because many people build a blog not public consumption, just for their fun only. Eventhought, must to remember of them about step by step method to be able to avoid banned….

  2. This advice is very legitimate. I especially agree with avoiding pre-written review posts. Keep the content your own, otherwise it’s dull and unoriginal which nobody wants to read. However like many others commenting, I believe 700-1000 is not too long. If the content is engaging and relevant, they will read it. I would typically cap it at 1500.

  3. I don’t think exceeding 750 words will turn off readers if all 750 of those words are important and get the point across. Sometimes bloggers write “pillar articles” that involve a lot of research and expanding upon an idea so readers understand it better. A lot of these pillar articles are 600+ words.

    In addition, you actually SHOULD be personal on your blog. Not in terms of discussing what you had for lunch, but in using personal examples to get a point across, and in letting your own personality into your content. Without a personal touch, nobody is going to care about what you have to say.

    I have to agree, though. Excuse posts should never be written. Explanations are good, however, if you want to announce your return, or an exciting development.

  4. Great publication. Time will show, which posts do people like the most. Experience — good thing

  5. Exactly, Excuse posts are the most dull, instead of excusing and writing an explanation for it, write an article meanwhile. So that, time will not be wasted for a meanless excuse…

  6. I am basically agree with you.
    but as you know , some one write their blog for not only for readers, they are writting for their own, so they may don’t want readers.

  7. I have seen that the people like short blog post having one or more pictures in it and moreover to make the post interesting add some video link and write important point in list format.

  8. I agree with the 3 to 6 points. However, I don’t think a bit of personal touch or something off topic would put people off that much – if you happen to be keeping up a worthwhile blog.

  9. Excuse posts are something that I have read on popular blogs as well…but it isn’t as bad as unformatted or prewritten review posts…

  10. Thanks for the tips. I find them very useful and informative. I tend to be an essay writer myself. I can be extremly wordy at times. I just get in this expressive mode in which my vocabulary, direction, and thought process becomes enhanced. Its usually due to my caffeine induced late night, work-from-home, stay up late marketing projects. I just launched my blog the other day, and am becoming more and more familiar with wordpress as i go. I appreciate your advice to a “wordpress noobie” like myself. Id love to hear from you and keep up with your posts at the same time. You have my email =]

    I would specifically love to hear some feedback on my blog layout, format, level of writing devlopement etc. I would also love to hear feedback in comments on individual posts. If i hear from you soon, ill be sure to return to your blog often. We can be penpals =]. I just bookmarked your page.

    Again, thank you for these insightful tips. I will be sure to take them to heart and try to be an honest critic of my own blog. Its hard to be honest with yourself about yourself. You always want to believe your doing everything right and its hard to tell yourself “no”. With your advice i can now give insight to my blog with some new perspective and ideas.

    Thanks again,

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