Play NES games online

Earlier it was possible to play NES games only on a Nintendo Console or using NES Simulator on PC. But now its even possible to play your favorite NES games online.

I am talking of VirtualNES . It has got a collection of 500+ NES games. You will sure find every game you loved earlier. Website requirements are very low. It requires a browser and JAVA RunTime. Here is a screenshot of me playing Contra.

Contra on VirtualNES

So buddys now get relaxed and enjoy gaming. πŸ™‚


  1. why won’t it work! 😐

  2. thanks for that NES game. Loved it.

  3. Oh man, nintendo rocks. I use an emulator and play like crazy sometimes. :mrgreen:

  4. i messed around with the same thing using emulators when i was in high school playing pokemon and stuff like that dont tell anyone! πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah playing online has a very good advantage in colleges and schools. Maybe if your school/college is smart, they may block this site. 😈

  6. Nice…To remember those old days…hehe..
    I liked contra from those days…
    I still play these games on emulator though…
    But its nice that I can now play them in my college where emulator is not installed. Cool… Link…

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