1. how can we do pencilmation from our drawings please i need a website to do this pencilmation

  2. hi again guys the REAL zaborg999 here thx 4 ur reply i think ti may have been my friend who posted

  3. i want to ceate my own pencilmations of my own that moves the easy way lke my mouse is the pencil and what i draw wll be alivve or move by itself i want to do that anyway i can do that

  4. it sucks beecoz it dosnt move

    1. screw you coz im the real zaborg999

      1. Strange..both your IP Addresses differ only by last single digit…but email ids are entirely different.

  5. I’ve noticed that there is a ‘simplistic’ movement…a return to the simple way of doing things, but still kinda high-tech. I think thigs like this are cool.

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