PageRank Update finally happening

Yes, it seems PageRank update has been seen definitely now. Guess what, NSpeaks is PR 4 now. Didn’t expected this at first update.

I am more than happy. I will not sell links here. 😀 Want to be friendly to google. Though one of my site’s PR has dropped.

And PR can now be checked from Google Toolbar too.


  1. Pagerank changed for me today.

  2. Our website jumped 3 spots so I’m not complaining about the new PR update. Although you should expect to see a lot of the link trade go underground and be a lot more secretive. Let’s hope that Google’s next step isn’t to start putting the hurt on link buyers.

  3. How Google Detects that you are selling links ?? I mean why they dont consider the blogroll as one instance of link sale ??

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