PageRank – Just forget it…Ego Satisfier

Yeah, after keeping a tab on Google’s PR updates for so many months and checking that toolbar greenie bar for long, one thing I have realised is that PR is not a ranking tool anymore but just a ego satisfier. It satisfies your inner self that your blog has greater greener substance than other. Forget Google, focus on your site.

What’s the use of PR if my blog receives no more than 10 comments per post. What’s the use of 4 green blocks if I have failed to secure even a single advertiser for my blog? What’s the use of PR? It is not seen as a tool to rank a blog/site’s popularity by a advertiser. What’s the use of 4 PR if my RSS Subscriber is stagnant at 100-105 readers for past 6 months?

I will not let my attention divert to PR anymore and instead focus on my blog more. That’s my July Pledge for NSpeaks this 2008. No more news of Google updating their PR in coming months, years and centuries. 8)