WordPress 3.6 has been released. Also WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 will be released in the coming year itself with 3.8 sporting a new default theme – Twenty Fourteen which will be based on Further Theme. You can check its demo to see how it will look like when it comes eventually in December, 2013.

WordPress.com has made a big change in how they make their free themes available to the self hosted blogs. Earlier some of the themes were made available on the WordPress.org theme directory or via the author’s sites. But now WP.com is hosting all the free themes at their own site. Not only this, the themes you will download from WordPress.com can be updated via dashboard. So head now to their free themes library to download and use any of those themes on your self hosted blogs.

WordPress sites under attack

As reported by Cloudfare, Hostgator and several other webhosts around the world, WordPress sites are under a heavy attack by some sort of botnet which is using brute force technique […]

We have all used Comic Sans font in our early days. Though its considered more of a joke now but it certainly has a novelty factor attached to it. Comic Sans Font Creator, Vincent Connare talks about the need to create the font. Its a good read.

Comic Sans was designed because when I was working at Microsoft I received a beta version of Microsoft Bob. It was a comic software package that had a dog called Rover at the beginning and he had a balloon with messages using Times New Roman.


There was no intention to include the font in other applications other than those designed for children when I designed Comic Sans. The inspiration came at the shock of seeing Times New Roman used in an inappropriate way.

Source: Vincent Connare’s Blog.