NSpeaks v5.0 is Live

Yeah this is the fifth theme change at NSpeaks in last 1.5 years. The theme is live for you to see. Hope you like the theme. As you can notice, this theme has focus on subscription, monetisation and showcasing lots of content on homepage. Hope this theme will be able to tackle the problem of high bounce rate I have been facing at Google Analytics.

And with this theme, I have made following goals or rules for myself to follow at this blog:

  1. Post Quality To be Improved
  2. Comment Moderation to be a bit better
  3. Sponsored Posts will carry a Disclaimer
  4. Weekly Link Posts will be started with this upcoming Sunday
  5. More Weekly Posts will definitely be resumed
  6. Would want to reach 500+ Subscribers by year end

Advertisements sold have changed a little bit. You will be notified of new ad positions soon.