NSpeaks Restructured

IF you notice, I am doing some changes to NSpeaks. The traffic boost that came this September was being diverted to so many unnecessary things being shown on the blog, that real content was getting lost. So as of now I have removed/closed the following:

  • Nspeaks Forum has been shut down – Was showing no activity. Will be reopened after some time. User registrations on blog which were left open due to forum plugin has been shut down for the moment.
  • NSpeaks Shop has been shut down – Little or no traffic to shop. Revenues minimal and taking up precious space.
  • Top Posts page removed – Was not updated for long. Instead will use real time data from a plugin to display it as a widget later.
  • Performancing Ads code removed – Not much revenue generated. Plus the cut taken by Performancing from ad price was huge. Selling it directly is better.
  • Advertise Page reopened after long time. This time I have tried to show a better advertise page with direct purchase to minimize inconvenience.
  • One Google Ad code in homepage removed to decrease the ad blindness.
  • Feed Links updated across the site after migration to Google for feeds from Feedburner.
  • Translate plugin added – Now users from different regions of world can read my blog.

As you can see, that are lot of changes which I have incorporated. There are few more changes required like putting up feed subscription links at bottom of posts, feed email subscription link, fixing some problems in comment box and more optimizations and tweaks will be added soon. Plus more content will be generated. And weekly posts closed earlier will be reopened gradually.

Regarding Advertisement –  I remind all those who want to advertise – please use the advertise page for all possible advertisement options. Advertisement is definitely open on NSpeaks.com. So if you wanna gain some exposure time is right now as the prices are low as of now. Get great value for your purchase.