NSpeaks Goals For 2009

Well, 2009 is around the corner. And I think its the right time to make some analysis. I can’t say 2008 was not a good year for NSpeaks but it was ok. I did some design changes, reached 150 subscriber mark, broke alexa’s 1,00,000 mark, broke 10,000 uniques in Analytics, sold few private ads, got 110+ authority on Technorati. Well still I am not satisfied because I failed in other aspects like a regular posting schedule, earning some good money, giving quality content on every post, establishing trust with readers and making NSpeaks a respected and talked about blog. So here I have come up with some realistic goals for 2009 which I would like to achieve next year:

  1. Cross 350 RSS subscriber mark.
  2. Write atleast 5 posts a week
  3. Write atleast 3 good quality posts a week out of above 5
  4. Establish trust with my readers – Get a loyal readerbase
  5. Try to keep ad spots filled every month – currently going empty a lot – even at $8/spot
  6. Optimise Content Placement and other features to reduce bounce rate to 50%
  7. Get featured on atleast 3 big blogs for a good and valid reason
  8. Guest post on some good blogs
  9. Invite 1 or 2 guest writers here
  10. Generate a stable income from my blog

I think the above goals are reasonable according to my standards. There are more goals but then those are not related to this blog alone. Their are some personal goals of mine too. I hope to print out all goals and stick them to my desk so that I keep myself focussed towards them.

Though I didn’t came out with such a last in 2007, a good reason I am doing this now is because of a Group Writing Project launched by Daily Blog Tips. Please be a part of it and try to set some goals for yourself too. Afterall if there are no goals, then what will we look up to achieve?


  1. I don’t understand for point six, how can you do that? Perhaps you can share a little trick to us 😀

  2. All the Best Dude 😀 The Blog and Blog Design is Great 😀

  3. Hi Navjot,

    A good list of goals for the year 2009,
    Wish you good luck & Best wishes.

  4. Good Luck on your 2009 goals. I have made my goals for 2009. If you want to read it then Click Here. Thanks Greg Ellison

  5. Navjotu……good work !! 🙂 Wish you a great new year and hope you realize more than what you are aspiring for. Just tell me whenever you write a good post…. 😛 Just kidding….keep it up !

  6. All the best for your entire goal
    May god will help you to get you goal
    My best wishes with you

  7. Nice List you got there. Best of luck!! Hope you achieve your goals. 🙂

  8. How much revenue do you aim for this 2009 year and I am completely sure that you will reach 350 sub quite easily.

    My goals is to reach 1lakh RS per month revenue within 2009 and to get 1000 subscribers 🙂

    1. I am aiming for mid $xxx per month revenue. Your aim seems good at $2500 per month! Best of luck. Hope you achieve it.

      1. I am aiming $500 a month. Once achieved I will increase till $1,000.

  9. Nice to see you writing down your goals 🙂

    If you can write a good post for any one of my blogs, Let’s Sermo or The Blogging Park, I can help you put a tick on Guest Posts 🙂

    1. Sure, I would love too. Let me come up with a good post and I will contact you soon with it.

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