NSpeaks Contest Update

As you know my contest is coming to a end slowly slowly, I thought of updating and reminding you about my contest.

For those who are yet to enter the contest, you have around 9 days to enter the contest by posting about the contest linking to homepage of nspeaks and contest page.

And for those who haven’t yet subscribed to my RSS Feed, do so as after next 4 days, any day in between you will be able to spot the secret RSS code which you have to email me to enter the RSS Contest worth 50$.

Currently those who are reading NSpeaks via Feed or via email must have seen some code written something like digitalfingerprint:jkhfkjhfshfhdshfsdhfsh

I would like to confirm that this is the not the contest code. This is a unique digital fingerprint so that I can catch sploggers. I would discuss about this later.

Contest Code will be mentioned that this code is the code you need to email me.

After going through all the Post Contest Entries, I found some problems. 2 Entries were not recognised since they fell short of 100 words. They are

  1. About Blog Contest – Entry has been corrected now.
  2. Blog-Contests.net – Disqualified

And two were not recognised since they completely copied pasted the original contest post. Though it was not mentioned in rules, but its pretty obvious you had to mention about the contest post in own words.

  1. ContestBlogCat – Disqualified.
  2. The WhatEver page – Entry Corrected

If all 4 entries get rectified before November 30, I will re-enter them in the contest, otherwise they will be out of the contest.


  1. @Red3Delta: Well the contest proved successful and provided instant rss subscribers and traffic but for long term success one needs good content and hard work.

  2. So… how did the contest turn out? I know this super old but I was thinking about doing the same thing and wondered if you found it worth it?

  3. Ambo » Don’t worry…just received your entry.

  4. Hi. I am trying to send the contest code but i don’t know if there’s a problem with your contact page. I’ve checked all the infos, it’s all correct. What will i do?

  5. Contestblogcat » No problem…appreciate your gesture. I was just checking if those who have not qualified are interested to get them qualified or not.

  6. I was not entering your contest, I was simply posting about it to give you some free publicity.

  7. Please read this post … that is not the contest code. Read my email reply.

    Your Entry is now valid and considered. 😀

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