MSN Webmaster Portal coming soon

Google is doing a fantastic job with Webmaster Tools and now MSN wants to jump in this too. Today MSN announced Webmaster Portal. If you remember around March MSN took the link: command offline. Now through Webmaster Portal MSN is bringing it back. Webmaster Portals will have all tools related to Live Search and SEO. Features of Webmaster Portal as listed by MSN/Live:

  • Troubleshooting tools to ensure MSNBot is effectively crawling and indexing your site
  • Sitemap creation, submission and ping tools
  • Statistics about your website
  • Consolidation of content submission resources
  • New content and community resources

Webmaster Tools may be launched later this year but private beta for is open now. If you want to test Webmaster Tools before others send mail to [email protected] to request your invite for it.

Taken from MSDN Blogs


  1. thanks for the useful information, should be great for web developers who are looking for another sitemap then google.

  2. Useful information. Thanks for sharing. cheers!

  3. Wow… Nice info…
    Just sent a request mail for beta invite….

    And the funny thing is that I never knew that such a tool is available from Google.. 😛
    Thanks for telling…
    OK dunno should I ask it here or not.. But are there any other tools like this…?

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