MSN Link commands are back

Don’t blame me if you know about this already and bless me if you don’t. Actually I found it just hours ago from Andy Beard’s Blog Post. MSN Disabled link and linkdomain commands back in March 2007. I was surprised to find that it was back more than a month back. Neither MSN announced it officially, nor when I tried old commands, even they didn’t worked at MSN so I thought that they were still disabled. MSN reintroduced them cleverly for sure. 😈

New Commands have just one difference: they have to have a plus sign before it. So for checking pages that link to site, command would be:


And for checking pages that link to anywhere on site, command would be:


I am relieved and happy for the fact that this is back since generally backlinks under MSN are even greater than that shown by Yahoo! SiteExplorer.