Monetize your WAP sites with Adsense for Mobile

Just logged into my Adsense Control panel and noticed this:

Adsense for Mobile

I was surprised to see it. Actually Today Google launched Adsense for mobile which will allow publishers to publish google ads on their wap enabled sites. Currently google allows only 1 ad unit to be put on any site made for mobiles. Then google will start displaying content relevant ads in same way it displays on normal websites.

To Activate Adsense for Mobile just go to Adsense Setup>>Adsense for mobile

Adsense For Mobile Usage

Well this is a very good move by Google. I wish I had a site for mobile too. 🙄


  1. @babyb : Does The Provides To Add Adsense Code Or Just It Is Used For Making A Blog To View In Mobile.Please Anyone Help In These Matter..!

    1. Can’t find means? You should be able to create Adsense for Mobile ads from your Adsense Login. Go to Adsense Setup>>Get Ads>>Adsense for Mobile Content in Old Interface and My Ads>>Select mobile content from left>>Create Ad Unit in New Adsense Interface. 🙂

  2. don’t have CTR numbers for mobile ads?

    1. Google does not allow the sharing of CTR Numbers.

  3. Well, you can create a mobile site or even a mobile version of this blog site. Just go to to sign up. No programming skills needed. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Sorry No idea about the CTRs of Mobile Ads.

  5. Does anyone have CTR numbers for mobile ads?

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