MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – Ultimate Plugin for Affiliate Marketing

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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Two days back, Pawan Aggarwal of MaxBlogPress announced a new plugin for everybody. From a person who has released already 12 plugins of which almost all are popular and unique, expectations from this upcoming plugin were higher. Even as of now, his own blog has not mentioned about the official release of the plugin but from what I have found, plugin is already live. And it was even beta tested by few publishers already and plugin was already being tested for past 5 months. 5 months is enough time to improve upon a unreleased plugin.

But which plugin am I talking about? I am proud to announce that Pawan has yet come out with a excellent plugin named MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin. This plugin is a big challenge to WP Affiliate Pro plugin which gained much popularity earlier. But Ninja Affiliate Plugin proves to be much more advanced and better than WP Affiliate Pro.

What Ninja Affiliate Plugin does?

Yes this question must be the first question you should ask. Basically it helps you in hiding your affiliate links and turning them into proper looking links which obviously would get more clicks than regular dirty and long affiliate links. But aren’t there free plugins already for doing this? Yes they are but here lies the difference. First look through the feature list of Ninja Affiliate Plugin:

  • Converts affiliate links into normal links
  • Allows you to group common affiliate links into one group
  • Converts keywords in blog posts to affiliate links
  • Modifies status bar text according to your choice for any link
  • Allows you to add nofollow or open in new window choice for each link
  • Insert affiliate links directly in post editor of WordPress
  • Allows limitation of keywords conversions per page
  • Allows limitation of ninja links per page
  • Allows custom formatting of ninja links
  • Turn the plugin on or off with one click
  • Allows you to cloak your affiliate links too
  • Provides detail statistics of link clickthroughs
  • Also provides referral sites details for ninja link visits
  • Uses subcampaigns to track traffic from different sites
  • Create subcampaigns without logging into wordpress
  • Keeps track of clicks on each link separately

Phew…after such a long list, do I need to tell you again, why this plugin is different and effective than any free plugin out there?

Check its effectiveness here just by looking at screenshots. These screenshots tell you more about its features in details:

Pricing and other Info: Plugin is priced at $97. I know its lot but compared to features, I think its worth it. Plus you get life time updates and unlimited support with it too. Also a affiliate program is too there so you can make money by referring others to use this plugin. And in case you don’t like the plugin, there is 8 week money back gurantee too…so you get to test the plugin for 2 months before you decide against it.

So as a final conclusion, I would definitely recommend you to buy this plugin. Trust me you will never repent buying this plugin. So go ahead and buy Ninja Affiliate Plugin


  1. Wow! I just found your blog today and what a great find. I’ve liked a lot of your posts so far but I had to comment on this one to say Thanks! I have not heard of this plugin before and I’m actually looking for an Affiliate Link manager plugin for my sites. I appreciate the thorough review of the product and will definitely be following your link to the site to read more on it.

    Are you using this product on your site? If so, are you seeing good results?

    Thanks again! I’ll try and post again once I purchase the plugin and get it up and running.

    1. I have recently got the plugin and I have started using it. Results seem fairly impressive and the ease of using it is great.

  2. I don’t know, is this a great plugin??

    rsfrss last blog post..Chevron CEO Grilled

  3. I dunno, the plugins are well made, I tried the ad-strip one. but man they sent me like 3 spam emails a day. My fault though i suppose for using an email address that i still check from time to time.

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