Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

Yesterday I loaded my own blog on my mobile using a WAP browser and result I got was surprising: Page Too Large. That means that my blog was not mobile friendly and will not open easily on mobile browsers. It didn’t look good.

So I tried finding ways to make my blog mobile friendly in the easiest way. I zeroed in on two wordpress plugins which enable your blog to be visible on Mobile in a friendlier way.(there may be other plugins but these two are more popular and widely used)

  1. WP Wap Plugin by Lester Chan
  2. WordPress Mobile Edition by Alex King

I found WordPress Mobile Edition easier and flexible to work with since you can open the same web url in a mobile.

Plugin installation is extremely easy…just copy the wp-mobile folder in your wordpress themes directory and wp-mobile.php file in your plugins directory and activate it. No settings and nothing to fiddle with.

You can browse NSpeaks on mobile by going to (whatelse? ) >> 🙂

Note: I wouldn’t have written this post had my mobile not turned WAP friendly recently. :mrgreen:


  1. yea, also intrerested in how to do it with forum

  2. How can it be done to forum? 😉

  3. I have my own blog but never tried updating my blog through mobile. Soon I will be doing that. Thanks for the post, I really going to follow your suggestions mentioned above. so do u access even SN sites through mobile. I do. It is economical. I registered for MoDazzle after that I am accessing Facebook and Linkedin through mobile. even you can try it out


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